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    What is repetitive strain injury?


    Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is a general term for soft-tissue injuries caused by repetitive activity.

    It commonly develops in people whose work involves repetitive activity and can make daily tasks, such as driving or getting dressed, difficult.


    Who is at risk of developing a repetitive strain injury?


    RSI is a common complaint for individuals whose work involves repetitive tasks and can occur in any type of job.

    The most common causes of RSI are:

    • Poorly designed workspaces that don’t allow you to work comfortably
    • Repeated use of vibrating tools
    • Heavy lifting
    • Working on production and assembly lines
    • Operating machinery

    Employers have a legal obligation to protect you from injury in the workplace by providing you with a safe work environment, RSI prevention training, and suitable equipment for your tasks


    Who can make a claim for a repetitive strain injury?


    If you’re suffering from a work-related RSI, diagnosed within the last 3 years, and believe your employer has failed to protect your health, you may be entitled to claim compensation.


    How do you claim for a repetitive strain injury?


    If you have been diagnosed with RSI, it is important to get in touch with Alderstone Solicitors today to start your personal injury claim. Call our team on Freephone 0800 988 1548 or fill in our contact form here and we will get in touch with you.

    Our experienced repetitive strain injury solicitors and industrial disease team will guide you through the civil compensation claims process, taking on all responsibility to let you on what matters most.

    Did you know?

    Around 450,000 UK workers have upper limb RSI, and 1 in 50 of all UK workers in the UK have reported an RSI condition.

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    What do our clients say?

    Margaret Lloyd

    I cannot thank this company enough for the sensitive and efficient way the claim was handled. I was kept in touch with by phone or email every step of the way. I had complete confidence in Ronan who was handling the claim. Unfortunately my husband died due to mesothelioma before the claim was settled but I know we made the right decision when choosing Alderstone Solicitors to deal with our claim. Thank you Ronan.

    Joanne McCracken

    Our Alderstone solicitor Joanne Keen guided us through a very difficult process at a distressing time to a very good result. We cannot thank them enough for all their hard work nothing was too much trouble.

    Terry Owen

    Alderstone Solicitors have worked extremely hard, even during trying situations and with the pandemic. They were dealing with a mounting of correspondence/paperwork and endless phone calls to do with my claim, while getting the best results. They kept me up to date with the progress on a regular basis throughout. I was very pleased with the outcome and would recommend Alderstones Solicitors to anyone in the future in need of their help. They give 100% commitment to the task at hand.

    Alec Flack

    Joanne Keen and Mark Hasaly are extremely professional and helpful. Mark was great at gathering information. Joann’s advice and clarity made it easy to understand what information was needed and how the process worked. I would recommend their services to ensure peace of mind throughout.

    Scott Clancy

    Very helpful and very approachable. Felt like my case was in the right hands with Mahima. I would only ever use Mahima in the future!

    Ruth Hannent

    Fiona has been very helpful and worked hard to get my husband the compensation he deserved. Fully supportive and kept us informed every step of the process.


    Mahima has been dealing with my case over the past couple of years. She has continued to keep me up to date, explained every step to me and answered any questions I had.
    Mahima also provided reassurance in a situation that can be quite stressful.
    The result evidences how well Mahima has been worked on my case and that I am happy with the result. Thank you.

    Aileen Barham

    Many thanks Alderstone Solicitors for the excellent service received, from the start of the claim to the completion and settlement. Very good communication throughout, and always helpful. Would highly recommend Alderstone Solicitor.

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